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Some say the best measure of senior living is the food.

No wonder The Palace was named the best in America.

National experts judged The Palace to have the

Best 50+ Dining Experience


The Best Chef in Hotels &

Healthcare in America

. And they also said it has The Best Fitness, The Best Lifestyle, and the Best-Looking Interiors.

It’s no wonder two of America’s most prestigious Housing Associations concluded that The Palace is The Best

Independent Living Community in the nation. So if you want the very best, live at The Palace.

Helen & Jacob Shaham, owners of The Palace, with Master Chef Rolf Nettesheim

The Palace &

הלנה ויעקב שחם

מאחלים לכל בית ישראל חג שמח!

To see the BEST in America today, visit us at One Andalusia Avenue in Coral Gables.